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Progression Informatikai Kft. has been present in the market of management systems since 1998. We offer solutions, for the most part, to the SME sector. Our main profile is the development and distribution of ERP, CRM, OMS software systems and programmes covering different areas of the automotive trade, together with system and user supervisory services, consulting and performing organizing work. Key features of our products are modularity and customization. We also undertake the design and preparation of custom software on request. We carry out our activity following long-term goals and legislative requirements. Our partners include dealerships and service providers, independent services, fleet management enterprises, vehicle importers. We acquired the ISO rating in 2005.

Our members are skilled, innovative software developers, organizers and consultants who are committed to quality work. We have been working together for many years. With more than 20 years of experience, we measure user needs and introduce our products to our customers. Our organizational units are performing their activities transparently, reliably, continuously communicating to each other. We strive to control processes, which filters out errors within the company. To overcome any obstacles that may arise, we contribute effectively – both individually and as a group – with the view of the workflow as a whole.

The most important goal of Progression Informatikai Kft. is developing IT systems and services for our customers that make a significant contribution to their business processes, which helps them be successful and reach their economic objectives. The focus of our activities is to meet the needs of our partners at a high level and identify possible ways of improvement. Therefore we incorporate modern technology, state-of-the-art hardware and software development tools into our everyday lives. They provide the satisfaction of our partners, the motivation of our staff and the fulfilment of ownership expectations.

Why Progression:

Up-to-date satisfaction of our partners’ needs. | Completion of the tasks accurately and quickly, even immediately on the spot. | The youthful dynamics of the professional development team gathered around the love of Information Technology and cars create an exceptional milieu within the company.